🇬🇧 Married to a Cuban man

So it’s been a year since we got married in this Cuban office with no window. How is it now after a year? What has changed? How is it really to be married to a Cuban man?

I know there´s a lot of distrust when it comes to relationships with Cubans. And it´s because there´s a reason to this. Check my Love in Cuba post to see what do Cubans do to get as much they can out of the tourists visiting the island. So yes, you should be careful when thinking about marrying a Cuban. But what if you finally do?


The observations below are of course based on our life so if you’re married to a Cuban and have different experiences I’ll be more than curious to hear about it 😀

Of course first of all you have to be patient because all the visa and legalizing stuff is expensive, frustrating and not always easy. But once you’re both done with this part it gets even more interesting.

Being married to a Cuban is fun 

You all know what I mean. They are happy, smiling, positive people. They love to dance and enjoy their time. They don’t go out just to sit in one place and get drunk. They take you out dancing and give you flowers. They start to dance salsa with you when you’re cooking just because.  It’s never boring.

Drama, Drama, Drama

Yes, Cuban are quite dramatic. Girls dating Cubans know what I mean. They just overreact to every word you say and start to wail how poor they are, how bad you are, how you treat them badly and all they do is love you 🙂 Yep, if you decide to marry a Cuban get ready for your own soap opera. At least it never get boring. 20160125_143843

Cuban man = jealous man   

It’s nice when your man is a bit jealous about you, I must say. But Cubans are very proud men and no one should should even look at their girl. So they would ask you why are you dressing so sexy for work and look at you suspiciously when your phone rings too much. They will make sure no one will make fool of them and disrespect them.  I’m still adjusting to that.

Cuban man = unfaithful man? 

Once when I was working in a Call Center for a broker company one Spanish guy asked me:

(Spanish guy) -Wow you Spanish is really great. Where did you learn it

(Me) – Well, you know I was studying it at the university and my husband in Cuban

(Spanish guy) – Oh really? Poor girl. I really hope you know what you’re doing…

I actually get it a lot. I know a lot of Cubans and a lot of stories. And not all of them get to have their happy ending. But it’s quite unfair to put all Cubans to the unfaithful box. There are good men out there, trust me. You just have to look for them. And maybe don’t look for them in the local disco 🙂

Me dicen Cuba

I you have a Cuban under your roof probably Cuba invaded your home. Everybody know the Cuban flag is the most beautiful one so it should be everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE! Also Cuban music is the best one, especially when played loud so everybody in the building could hear it. Alcohol at home? Cuban Ron. I really don’t mind 🙂 I actually admire this local nationalism. And Cuban flag really looks good at my home 😉


And how does you Cuban – foreigner relationships work like?

8 thoughts on “🇬🇧 Married to a Cuban man

  1. Hi! I’ve been sneakily following your blog for a while now and it’s about time that I write a comment 😉 My boyfriend is Cuban too, from Viñales actually! We’ve been together for over 3,5 years although we’re not married. I really recognize the salsa in the kitchen while cooking and the drama about little things, haha. Cubans love to exaggerate everyting it seems. But, I managed to have found quite a down-to-earth Cuban who is not overly patriotic or jealous. I do recognize the stereotypes though, and boyyy the examples that I know of not-so-faithful Cubans… not enough hands to count 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hej Magda,

    wpadam od czasu do czasu na Twojego bloga i widze, ze chyba trafilam na wyjatkowo malo kubanski egzemplarz…Moze dlatego moj zwiazek nie przetrwal bo ciezko jest zyc z Piotrusiem Panem. A w milosci chyba nie chodzi o to, zeby bylo ciezko :-]
    Fajnie, ze Twoj Fidel umie tanczyc salse 😉 Trzymajcie sie nomen-omen ‘cieplo’ w Vinales 😉


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