🇬🇧 Cuban cars 🇨🇺

The iconic old cars 🚗 are often one of the main reasons we travel to Cuba 🇨🇺. The island 🏝️ is a big, live, motor museum. We love these cars. They look amazing on the streets of Cuba. It´s the only place in the world you will see so many of them still running. And what´s the history behind them? Let me share some curiosities with you 🙂

  1. American cars got to Cuba in 40´s and 50´s with the Americans 🇺🇸. Babtista was a pro American president and let the neighbors to have a sweet, Caribbean life on his island. Americans working and settling down traveled to Cuba with all their goods, also cars. When the Revolution happened in 1959 and anti-American Fidel arrived in Havana, the Americans left the country in rush, leaving all their belongings behind. Including cars. Who would have thought that while Americans will not be able to come back to Cuba for decades, their cars will have this long life.Almendron fot. Tanja More12308349_1198533160161278_7565765723842845768_n10372565_10205987282144325_3565524955899153359_n12227175_10208071296723387_8938153063444818167_n
  2. The cars look really old from outside however inside most of its parts it´s taken from newer cars or even homemade. These cars have air conditioning and everything. Full service 🙂 20160502_122735IMG_2158
  3. In Cuba you´ll find Polish accent as well. 🇵🇱 Beside of Bolek and Lolek (Polish cartoon) Cubans got to know Polish little car made totally in Poland. Here we call them “Maluch” (pol. the little one). In Cuba they are known as “Polaquito” (esp. the little Pole). Fiat 126p got to Cuba in 80´s when Poland – still communist, and Cuba were partners. Well small or not, Maluch aka Polaquito is coming back. Even Tom Hanks is getting one!  🚘🚘🚘22895404714_e839fd8939_b
  4. Cuba is a home to soviet cars as well. The same as Polaquito, the Russian cars got to Cuba in the communist era and stayed for good. 🇷🇺20160516_114356
  5. And how expensive are they? Let me tell you one thing. Car prices in Cuba are crazy! 💲 💲 💲 The old car, especially American one can cost from $ 7k up to $ 30k depending on its condition. 
  6. In Cuba the old cars are called “Almendrones” 🚘 and are inspiration not only to the photographers  🙂

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