🇬🇧 5 Things you can´t do in Cuba

In every country you´ll visit there will be some dos and don´ts. In Poland (at least where I live) for example you can´t cut you lawn on Sunday 😂. Yep, we are still so Catholic in some places. What about Cuba? A country with quite liberal society? Well here it goes, 5 things you should not do while in Cuba.

  1. Take photos of Police officers and governmental offices (like the immigration one). Not really sure why but it make get you in trouble.20160503_110305-1
  2. To sit on the monuments and walls in public places. Again, not sure why. You´ll see hundreds of people sitting there one day and the next day the police comes and starts to fine people. 20160509_152537
  3. Take the Astro bus. This is the national bus company. In theory they should have 2 seats at each bus available for foreigners. In practice they still don´t want to sell them. Even for some extra pay… 20160516_114611
  4.  To buy a house. Only foreigners who have Cuban residency can purchase houses and cars in the island. And even this has its restriction. For example a foreigner   can´t buy a house too close to the shore. And it would be so nice to have this summer house in Cuba, wouldn´t be?Vedado
  5. You can´t stay in the Cuban house just like that. That´s why no Couch surfing in Cuba! To stay in the Cuban house you have to change your tourist visa to family visa which involves to get the permission from the local immigration office. Yes, permission. Even for those who are romantically involved with Cubans it´s just too much hustle sometime. Especially if you´re staying only for a week or 2.20160516_131509


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