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🇬🇧 Family Visa Update (2019)

So I just got back from another trip to Cuba. Bit depressed as always 😀 but we will be back this year again.

I just want to share with you the update on the family visa. After I don’t know how many trips, this was the first time I didn’t have to pay 40 CUC fee for the family visa.

When got to the immigration office in Viñales I was told the rules have changed and since I´m married to Cuban I can now enter as many times as I want just holding the tourist card.

The guy didn´t even look at our marriage certificate. He just put my passport number in his system and it was all there (together with my lovely photo from the airport of course).  He just said that every time I enter Cuba I have to shop up at the immigration to confirm the adress I will stay at. He also told me this applies also if I ever travel alone.

I am not sure if I would have to pay if I wanted to stay more then 30 days. This time it was kind of short trip. I guess next time I stay for longer I will have to pay for “prorroga” but it´s ok. I already feel like I have won 40 CUC on lottery lol.

Maybe you have any update on this one? Is the same in your province?

And that’s how my going back home was for me 😀


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