🇬🇧 It’s been 3 years

I know i didn’t update the blog lately and sorry for that!

And now it has been 3 years since we got married in sunny Pinar del Río and bit move since I left Portugal and moved to Cuba.

Those 3 years weren’t easy, trust me. All the paper you have to go though when you’re marrying someone from the other side of the world is insane! I think you guys know it. It is just worse for US and Canada folks I think (with the interviews held in 3rd countries). Crazy shit.

During the 3 years we living in all posible configurations.

We had a rented house in Cuba. The yellow house you all know ❤20160428_16392920160428_160433

We were living with Fidel’s mum.29340543_1673658042727132_2000992853383184384_oIMG_20190130_073446.jpg

We had a rented apartment in Cracow.

We are now living with my parents to help them out.img_20190115_1223112602900653902760998.jpg

And we survived it all. So that’s definitely a good sign.

These past 3 years have past so fast. We do miss Cuba a lot but the the quality of life there is not quite what we want. I am also getting to the point where I don’t want to travel to Cuba every time I have holidays and want to go back to exploring new places. The past 5 years were all about Cuba and I really want to go somewhere else. Cuba is family now so I don’t consider it 100% of a holiday. You know what I mean. We don’t stay at rented rooms anymore. So we spend pretty much the same as if we went to Thailand for instance. But my all inclusive does not have continental breakfast and running water lol. So we made a deal with Fidel what we will go to Cuba once a year to be able to see other places.

Fidel has now several part time jobs here but they all includes speaking Spanish rather than Polish so his Polish is still quite basic. He can communicate well already but for me it’s far from perfect. He says that if we have kids he’ll learn together with them. Yea, right.

We also started to renovate my parents house which is where we plan to stay. So far we have changed the kitchen and made ouselves a nice cozy bedroom. We also bought a scooter to drive around on sunny days. This definitely reminds of holidays in Cuba. The views are different but I don’t mind. Poland in the spring/summer time is awesome as well. img_20190414_070912664456709563275497.jpg55619186_1534305313372592_2212929912979849216_n

I have now an office job that I like and it’s roughly 25km away from where we live. I really like the city here and I get a mountain view every day 🙂

So we are kind of settle down now and investing more into the house than trips to Cuba. If we plan to go back to live there? Well, you never know but I don’t think it will be before we retire 😉 Cuba is a perfect place to live when your bank account if full of dinero. Otherwise is a full time struggle.

And for this wedding anniversary we decided to visit Lisbon. I forgot how beautiful this city was. It’s really cool to walk around and show Fidel the place I have lived in for 8 years and I heve left it for him.

And how is everyone going?

3 thoughts on “🇬🇧 It’s been 3 years

  1. Hi Fidel’s girl,

    Thank you so much for the update and sharing your story with us.
    The move looks very exciting and it’s nice to see you are settled and focusing on the house. It’s great you’re going to see other places as well, I think this is very important.

    I’ve been reading your posts for over a year now and it’s been great.

    I met a Cuban in August 2017, we are still together. I fly back and forth to see him. He proposed back in February (4th time I went back) so we are now in the process of planning for the future.

    The issue is, I live in the UK and in order to live here he has to learn English and sit the official exam. He works such long hours and hasn’t had a chance to learn much English. So we will see how this all goes!

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your previous posts. There is a lot of negative comments and stereotyping on the internet but you’re post was the ONLY ONE that gave me faith that not all Cuban men were the same.

    Thank you
    Bellas xx

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