🇬🇧 5th Christmas together

This will be our 5th Christmas from which 4 of them we spent actually together. It was so long ago that we met and went through all the LDR and imigration process that life seems so normal right now.

A lot of you however are still separated from your loved ones. And sometimes distance is not the worse thing. In many cases politics separate people more than kilometers. And anyone who is in the process of inviting their loved ones from Cuba (especially to US) knows something about it.

We both would like to wish you a Merry Christmas. Hopefully you can spend it with your people. If you are still living in a long distance relationship may this new year bring good news and changes. If you are spending this Christmas already in your home with your so, I wish you a lot of patience 😉 and love. And may this be one of dozens holidays you spend together.

And how our Christmas will look like?

I will be a patriot right now lol but I actually think Poland has one of the nicest Christmas traditions our there.

Apart from the Christams tree (which is attached to the ceiling because we have 3 cats!) we have a Christmas eve dinner which traditionally would consist of 12 plates. No, we are not cooking that lol. We eat a lot of fish and mushrooms. And we start the dinner with the first star on the sky, which is quite early considering it’s winter and the sun goes down like 3.30pm.

But since Fidel hates mushrooms he is preparing some Ropa Vieja. We also follow the Cuban traditions of “there’s no party without rum” and the tradition I learned in Portugal “there’s no party without wine”.

So our Christmas will be quite mixed and full of food, wine, family and videochats on messanger.

Because even if we have this luck of being together, half of our family is still so far away.

Felices fiestas mi gente!

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania christmas gif cuba

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