🇬🇧 Love in a time of pandemic

When we went to Cuba this year, in the end of January it was already bad. Cubans were facing another “special period” and were complaining of how much tourism has decreased comparing to last years.

In my wildest thoughts I could never imagine it could get worse so quickly.

Even before coronavirus got to Cuba, Cubans were being fined for buying too much stuff (Fidel’s dad was fined for buying 4l of oil; some for him, some for the rest of the family but police didn’t care ) and some products were nowhere to be found. Soap was one of them. Toilet paper another.

And then coronavirus came. And locked the island. Some people had to shorten their holidays, some cancel theirs. Some are still stucked at Havana’s aiport at this point, but it is so different when you just travel and when when you have your loved ones on the island. It maybe your so, husband, wife or family. But it sucks so much knowing Cuba is not prepared for the pandemic.

And I won’t even write of the impact that the lack of tourism will have on Cuban people. You all have been there and know how many people live from tourism (probably somebody you know). And now they are left with nothing but some “mandados” every month.

Some will say that Cuba will be fine-they have the best doctors after all. Well, I guess even the best doctor can do nothing when lacking equipment. And Cuba is lacking basic sanitary stuff. Soap has been a luxury item for months now. So how can they protect themselves?

We are looking at what’s going on in Cuba carefully every day. And gracias a Nauta Hogar we can at least speak to them everyday.

And yes, some people had to cancel their holidays. But for us, people involved with Cubans and their families it is much more complicated. Weddings have been canceled. People has been separated from their spouses, partners and children. And they can do nothing but watch, especially that the situation in most of the countries is much worse than in Cuba. People are losing jobs and maybe won’t be able to see their loved ones for much longer then just until the borders are opened. Maybe bringing them home will have to be postponed. It sounds much worse than just cancelled holidays, right?

As is being in long distance relationship with a Cuban wasn’t hard enough.

I feel really sorry for all of you who are going through this. I remember being in Europe waiting desperately to go to Cuba. Then my only limitation was my job and days off. Now we are facing something we can’t see and control. Which is kind of frustrating.

But from the other hand we are both glad that Cuba closed their borders for everyone and put some restrictions on its people. Maybe it will stop this little piece of shit of coronavirus.

What I wish is that Cubans really had more access to food and other resources and didn’t have to fight in 4h long lines to get a bit of chicken.

Viñales got empty, a lot of people complained it was getting too touristy so here you have: Viñales with no tourists but also … no life. Looking forward too see it alive again.

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