🇬🇧 When will we be able to travel to Cuba again?

If you :

  • have family Cuba
  • have partner / spouse in Cuba
  • desperately want to be back on Cuban soil for any other season

then you are probably asking yourself the same question as we are. When the f*** will we be able to go to Cuba?

The most frustrating thing is the lack of information. We don’t know when our countries will open the borders. We don’t know when Cuba will open the borders. And what’s the worst for most of us – we don’t know when will Cuba start to let foreigners in.

What’s also frustrating in this time of pandemic is that even when goverments release some information it is not granted. Poland has extend the closure of the borders 4 times now. When all this started we were supposed to stay closed until the end of March…Yeah right. So at this point even if Cuba release some statment we still have to wait for things to really happen.

I know a lot of people out there were exited because few airlines announced flights in June. But let’s be honest. They need money to cover their expenses right now. They want us to book flights because oh well, later when they cancel they’ll just hand us some voucher. So I wouldn’t rely on airlines when it comes to this information. We need an official information from Cuban goverment.

In Cuba and outside of it there are rumors and… more rumors. This is what our family and friends in Cuba think will happen (not official info):

  • Cuba will allow flights in but all the people will have to go though quaratine in some isolated places (unlikely for me)
  • Only Cubans will be allowed to travel back in
  • Cuba will open for tourism for the high season (October/November)
  • Cuba will open first for travellers from low risk countries (with not that many COVID 19 cases)
  • On the airports everybody will be tested with fast tests before entering Cuba

What I think will happen:

  • Cuba will have to open for tourism soon because $$$ is needed to import most of the goods
  • Resorts will be open first (easier to control people and posible virus plus they all the money goes straight to the goverment)
  • They might wait with any decision until they get rid off the virus totally
  • They might open first for Cubans living aborad (less but still some $$$ entering Cuba)

What are the facts right now:

We really hope to see our family this year again. This year has been difficult and frustrating for everyone. Me and Fidel have been locked at home from March 10th (working remotely) and we really need to go out. And we really hope Cuba will be possible this year. For now we are waiting for some official info and drink a lot of rum. Really hope we can all be reunited with our loved ones. Stay strong see you in Cuba 🇨🇺

7 thoughts on “🇬🇧 When will we be able to travel to Cuba again?

  1. Hi I am wanting to travel to Cuba August 4th, Sunwing will start flying that day but I am going to a private residence not a resort, do you know if I will have to be in quarantine? I am coming from Canada. Any information will be appreciated. Thank you


      1. Thank you for all your help, could I ask a favor please? You seem to know the most information about Cuba and covid, could you keep me posted to when Cuba will go into Phase 2 and will that allow me to see my Cuban friends, thank you!!


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