🇬🇧 It’s been 4 years

So it’s our anniversary month. Exactly 4 years ago we got married in Pinar del Rio. Time flies. I would never imagined that my 8 day Cuba trip back in 2014 will turn into this lifetime journey.

We were supposed to be in sunny Greece now to celebrate but Coronavirus canceled our trip. At least we are stuck together. A lot of people we know got separated by this pandemic and they don’t even know when they will see each other again.

So we can’t go to Greece but we felt like we needed to get away for a bit. Especially that it hasn’t been a great year for us. I mean it started great with a trip to Cuba but then the pandemic happened and both our jobs got screwed a bit. Then Fidel’s granma gor really sick and few days ago our beloved cat called Bichito got hit by a car and I found her dead on the street (still really upset and sad about this).

Since hotels in Poland are open (restaurants and bars as well) and we are not require to wear masks in open spaces we decided to go to Kraków for a weekend. It’s only 70km from where we live but still it feels kind of great to be out and celebrate life. It almost feel normal again.

And if we can’t go to Greece…oh well, we will have to Cuba again this year. Hopefully it can actually happen.

And how are we after this 4 years?

Well, things are changing. We are changing. I am more patient now and “Cuban stuff” (you know what I mean) doesn’t make me furious anymore. I am married to a Cuban and I actually don’t want him to change too much.

We made our own rules that help us to get through for example money issues (you remember Polish saving vs Cuban spending lol) and we don’t argue over this stuff anymore.

Some people say that we must be in a bad place if we don’t have kids after 4 years but that’s bullshit to me. I guess that’s what you get when you live in Catholic place like Poland. But I sware, once again I’ll hear “when are planing to have kids guys?” I will explode. 💥💥💥 After heal from losing Bichito we are getting another cat. That’s for sure.

So here we are in Kraków having some wine and waiting for things to get to normal. We really want to go to Cuba again this year to see the fam after all this crisis. Have a glass of rum, sit on that porch and enjoy life and the view.

But what I’m most grateful after these 4 years is all the friends I got through this blog. Being in the same situation (like Being married to a Cuban) really makes poeple to conect.

So here I am, 4 years later. Waiting for more and sending love to all of you. Things will get back to normal for all of us 🇨🇺🤞

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