🇬🇧 It’s been a while…

So it’s been a while! Sorry guys but all this pandemic (and Polish winter) doesn’t make me productive. But I thought that if I make myself to write a small summary it will help me to get back on track.

I’ll start with the bad news.

It’s not that new but also because it happen last fall it’s easier to write about it. In the end of September we lost Fidel’s dad. Not Covid. He was dealing with high pressure (like half of population) and couldn’t get his medicine for weeks. So one day he just woke up, felt bad and falled down. He hadn’t even reached the hospital. The heart attack was so massive. The family was devastated. We were as well. We could do nothing. We could’t go to Cuba because of pandemic, we couldn’t say goodbye, we couldn’t be with the family. Horrible and very sad.

And then 1,5 months later Fidel’s grandma died. She was sick but still. These two deaths happend one after another. It was tough. It still is.

Why are we not going?

We had 2 flights booked already for Jan/Feb but both got cancelled. Then the stupid quarantine in hotels was invented. To be honest we don’t want to waste 6 days and another 500/800 USD (depending on which hotel we can get). If we are not able to go soon we will just go somewhere in Europe. Greece maybe? We loved that. We are prepare to go though. I have my days off saved and actually we bought a lot of stuff already. So we can bacically pack and go if they cancel the stupid arrival quarantine.

Fidel and me

Yeah I know some of you thought we got divorced or somthing because of lack od posts but no worries. Still here! And actually 5 years yesterday we moved in together! In Cuba, in he little yellow house. Great times!

Work/Pandemic and all that jazz

So I’ve been working from home since March 2020 and I’m getting a bit crazy I must say. I really hope we can go to Cuba for some longer period of time soon!

Fidel is working as well, not in music anymore though. This shit got closed in October when they locked us up for 2 weeks….yep. Since October the goverment is promssing “let’s just get through another 2 weeks people”. So Fidel found himself a different job.

How is Cuba?

It’s still there! 🙂 The family is doing good. They are locked in Vinales again. To leave the house you have to have special permit. We don’t know when they will start to vaccinate people in the area but let’s hope it will happen soon. The good news is that internet at homes (NAUTA HOGAR) got cheaper. It’s now 300 CUP and can be recharged from abroad. Bad news is that most of the people who work with tourism had to “entregar la cajita” so cancel the service because even with cheaper price it’s still too expensive when you have no income.

The medicine is hard to get. I tried to send some by DHL but the package didn’t even leave Poland. They returned it to me saying I could not send that kind of stuff.

Also electricity, food ratios provided by goverment and food in general got more expensive. We are afraid that all this will raise prices in tourism when things finally get open. Even rum ! And Havana club announced it will not produce the white rum anymore aka the cheaper one loved by Cubans.

We are really curious to see how the pandemic and all this changes will influence tourism in Cuba because one thing I know is that all we knew about travelling to Cuba we can throw into a trash bin and we will have to learn all over again. I am afraid that prices will go up especially when it comes to transport and accommodation. Let’s see how much and how will this affect the travelling. For now let’s wait for the better times and hope I can report the situation from Cuba soon myself ❤️🇨🇺

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