🇬🇧 My new favorite places to go out in Viñales

We spent the last 5 weeks in Cuba. After 2 years of not being able to go it was great.to see all the friend and fam. This was the longest break I had in visiting the island since 2013.

But I’m not going to talk about all Cuba. I literally spent 5 weeks in Viñales apart from 2 day trip to Havana to pick up a friend.

When we visit Viñales we go home so I don’t mind closed restaurants or party places. I don’t dance salsa so I don’t mind sitting in a bar just to have few drinks. Because it is definitely more quiet that it was before. Famous Plaza Polo Montanez is closed for renovations and probably will not open anytime soon. So we had to change our favorite spot to something else. And oh boy, there are some new cool places in Viñales.

Night life is quiet and limited to weekends when music on the square is on. I don’t like it to be honest. It is full of teenagers having their first dates. I call it infantario.

Other than that you have Colonial which was there always and as always will sell your rum and maybe some mojitos. Nothing else is ever available and when I say I mean you you have to go somewhere else to get your cola or water. It is usually full of Cubans who go there to socialize. Not much dancing going on. But to be honest Cubans don´t dance as much as you would have thought.

The restaurant that was always famous and considered one of the best ones РOlivo is said to be shitty and expensive. What do do and where to go in Vi̱ales then?

Cheap drinks – Zona Verde

It’s a new place on the main street. It used to be guarapera (place where you could buy sugarcane juice). Now it is this cool bar with cheap drinks and nice little garden. Mojito for 90 CUP and I’m in. Where is it? On the main street walking down to gas station.

Place to be

This is a cool place in Viñales now. All of Viñaleros know it and have been at least once. Is it cheap? For us tourists yeees. For Cubans not really. But this is the place you would have your date or take your family for lunch when visiting. I tried a lot of different food- all was great. Everybody loves it there. Side note, it´s located next to the square and Hotel Central so most of the tables catch Wi-Fi. It’s called La Plaza.

Places to party

The famous Plaza Polo has been closed for months now for renovation. Since it is not private place we don´t really know when it will come back to life. But there are alternatives.

Mogote Café. I really wished I discovered this place earlier. It´s a bar that every Friday has life music and amazing atmosphere. Everybody goes there. Literally everyone. And funny fact – since it´s located few hundreds meters from the main road there are always more locals then tourist.

El jardin del arte sano

Another hidden gem. It was ready to open when we went but from Viñaleros say it´s already working and well. Salsa, live music. Great atmosphere. And very centric. Located just behind a souvenir shop named the same.

See you there in February 2023!


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