🇬🇧 Q & A The most common questions we get asked as an international couple.

We have been married for almost 7 years now. I think we already surpassed the ¨don´t you worry he only married you to get out of Cuba ¨faze . Funny fact it was never coming out of polish mouth. I think we just don´t think in these category. But there are some questions we have been listening to for years. Here there are.

PS I know it would much better on video but I´m not ready to be on Youtube 😀

  • How is Fidel adapting to Polish weather?

Surprisingly this the most common question I get when people find out my husband is Cuban. Like Poland was somewhere on the north pole. I wonder if Canadians get the same. Well, Poland has really nice summer to be honest at least it´s not so fucking humid. I remember spending days not knowing what to do with my body when we lived in Cuba. And yes we do have winter but our houses are very well prepared prepared. But the when we get really tired of the weather we travel to our favorite places which is Cuba in the winter and Crete in the rest of the year.

  • Does he miss Cuba?

Of course he does. I mean he has better life here and he knows it. There are not many possibilities for young people right now in Cuba so of course the head says Poland. But his Cuban heart will always miss his family, friends, places and so on. He speaks with his family on the daily basis and we go 1 a year for a month long holidays to Viñales. We couldn´t do it any other way.

  • Aren´t you bothered about him sending money to Cuba?

I am sometimes and I think it´s very normal. We grew up in very different places and cultures. Where I come from we don´t help each other so much. We work all life to have money when we retire and we don´t expect children to help as much. Also it´s more like we expect grandparents to give us some gifts and help with first apartment for instance. Not in every family of course but it´s quite common. In Cuba people think ¨if I have 3 kids and they give me x$ every month I´m good¨. It´s expected to help especially if you live in Yuma. Do people exaggerate? Yes. Do I think it makes some people even more lazy? Yes. It´s easier to wait for the money and gifts then move your ass and those kind of situations we fight about. Not about helping his mum or send medicine when they ask. Obviously Cuba is lacking everything. But I do think this help should be balanced and not being an excuse for young, capable people to do nothing.

  • What are the the biggest cultural differences you face?

I would repeat that – the money. I want to save. Fidel wants to spend. My biggest mistake was showing him how to use Amazon lol. But since I speak Spanish and I did way before I met Fidel we can communicate with no problems and communication is key in this kind of relationships.

  • Do you ever fight?

Of course we do. And I am the one who usually starts 😅

  • Where do you see yourself living in few years.

We didn’t figure this out yet. We came back to Poland and stayed here for years because it was very important to me to get Fidel permanent residency. In Poland it´s not that easy. It´s not enough to be married. You have to be married for at least 3 years and live in Poland for at least 2 and have already a residency based on being married.

We don´t want to live in Cuba until things get better but also I don´t see myself stay in Poland all my life. I spent 8 years living in Lisbon at one point and I can totally see myself far from here one day.

  • Does Fidel speak Polish?

He does but he is not fluent. He speaks enough to find himself a job, go to the doctor, pay the bills etc. We communicate in Spanish though.

  • What do you do living?

Fidel works in a small company in our town. And he still have some gigs in Cuban bar but fortunately he doesn´t have to do it every weekend since he found his job. I work for a company that was funded in Poland but I work for the Spanish market so all my team is in Spain and I have to travel to our offices few times a year. Most of the time I work remotely.

  • Was is easy for Fidel to leave? Did Cuba try to stop him?

So I don´t know where this is coming from but apparently a lot of people think Cuba doesn´t let people out. I mean if you are actively attacking the government – yes. They will not let you out or in. But otherwise is not Cuba who stops you. Is everything else. Cubans can get passport with no problem in 99% cases. But they need visas to enter most of the countries. And these don´t let people that easily. Especially from countries like Cuba where so many people try to leave permanently. So many people get denied and labeled ¨possible immigrant¨. Not to mention that to get an appointment in embassies like Mexico is almost impossible. Also it´s very expensive.

  • Why no kids after so many years?

I still not know how people think is ok to ask those stuff. But yea one one the most common one and definitely the most annoying one 🙂

What kind of questions are you guys getting?


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