Before you go

Everything you need to know before travelling to Cuba.

Do I need Visa to enter Cuba?

Yes, you do. The tourist card (Tarjeta de Turista) can be purchased in any Cuban embassy. It costs 22 EUR. Some airlines like Air Canada provide visas to all the passengers. It can be bought on some airports (especially in Latin America). We recommend to get you Visa beforehand to avoid any inconveniences.

If you’re travelling from US, please check here how to apply for your Visa.

Do I need medical insurance? 

Again, yes. I entered Cuba so many times and never been asked. However if they’ll decide to check it and you won’t be insured, you’ll be forced to purchase the insurance at the airport. Of course it’s much more expensive. Note that the minimum coverage should be 30.000 EUR.

Which currency should I buy at the Airport?

Cuba has two currencies CUP (Moneda Nacional) and CUC (Peso Convertible). For most of the things (drinks, cigars, food) you’ll pay in CUC. There’s no need for you to have CUP. In Cuba you’ll find ATM’s in almost every destination we go to. However there’s still a problem with using Mastercards. Visa cards work with no problem. Also note that it’s better to bring with you Canadian Dollars, Euros or Mexican Pesos. You can exchange US dollars but you’ll be charge a 10% fee.

How much cash should I take with me?

We all manage our budgets in a different way. All the accommodation, transport, breakfast and most of the dinners are included. I would suggest to take around 200 EUR for each week but here you’ll find examples of the prices so you could prepare you budget for Cuba (1CUS is more less 1 EUR)

  • Beer 1 CUC
  • Mojito/Cuba Libre/another drink 3CUC
  • Street food (pizza, sandwiches) 2/3 CUC
  • Water 1.5l  2 CUC
  • Average meal 6/10CUC
  • 1 hour of Internet 1.5CUC
  • Tourist attractions like Cave in Vinales or Hop-on Hop-off bus around 5CUC each
  • Disco La Cueva 5CUC
  • Extra Salsa Class 10CUC
  • Pack of 3 original Cohiba cigars 30CUC
  • Bottle of rum from 3CUC
  • Can of soda 0.60CUC
  • Snacks like chips (if available of course) around 2CUC

I recommend having 700 CUC per person for 1 week of travelling solo. If you share the room it will be slightly less – around 620 CUC.

What should I travel with?

It’s of course not mandatory but we suggest you to bring:

  • First Aid Kit ⚕️ (sunscreen, Ibuprofen, bandaids/plasters, tape, insect repellent, any medicine you may be using)
  • Dry fruits 🥜 , it can really save a life in the middle of a bus ride or hike
  • Comfortable shoes 👟.
  • Hat 👒 or umbrella ☂️. It gets really sunny in Cuba ☀️.
  • Long pants 👖 . We’re in the Caribbean but sometimes the weather changes dramatically.