Book your activities in Viñales

Not sure what to do around Viñales? Want to plan your days ahead? Viñales has a lot to offer. You may just want to relax, wonder around and sit in local bar drinking your mojitos. That´s an awesome plan. Viñales is a perfect place to stop and enjoy slow country life.

But if you want to enjoy your days there consider the options below. Your hosts in Cuba can help you to arrange it when you arrive. These are activities we recommend.


Amazing beach. However not easy to reach. Leave Viñales at 10am and come back at 4pm. Totally worth the visit.20160619_151140


Viñales´s classic. Trust me there´s nothing more beautiful than visiting the valley (especially at sunset) on the back of these beautiful animals. Lead by professional guides.    Screenshot_2017-05-21-17-13-11-1


The easiest way to visit Viñales is to use your own feet. Visit tobacco plantations, see how real Cuban life far away from the tourist tracks. Local guides from Viñales are good and..handsome 🙂 Viñales plaza fot. Tanja More


The last but not least. If you don´t dance salsa in Cuba, where will you? This is the place and time to learn. And of course Cubans are the best teachers.FB_IMG_1500902442890

AND MUCH MORE 🙂 Like I mentioned before, all these can be arranged on site. But if you need our assistance or tips we´ll be more than happy to help.