Tours I recommend

If you:

  • don’t want to travel alone
  • don’t speak Spanish
  • don’t want to waste your time on planning
  • are not sure what to visit in Cuba

then a guided tour is something for you. In Cuba it’s actually more comfortable and sometimes even cheaper to travel with a tour. Also it gives you the opportunity to visit places which are not that easy to reach. I went for a tour in Cuba twice and had a great time. Below you’ll find the options I know and recommend.



I used G Adventures when I first went to Cuba in 2014. I loved every second of it. In Viñales I stayed in Casa La Tita. Back then who would have thought they would be my family few years later 🙂 they have a big range of itineraries. Check their tours here >>



Polish tour operator with tours available in English. What’s cool about it? They offer trekking tours, diving tours and classic tours made for those who go to Cuba for the very first time. Very competitive prices!!!! To check all the options check out their website>>

There are 3 main programs you can choose from:

  1. 15 day program – prices start from $1050
  2. 12 day program – prices start from $941
  3. 7 day program – prices start from $622
  4. Diving program (15 days) – prices start from $1990 for diver and $1490 for non divers.
  5. Trekking program (14 days) – prices start from $1490

The flights are not included but it gives you the freedom and flexibility to stay longer and explore places not included in the programs. That’s what I did when I decided to travel to Cuba for the first time.

It also lets you to fly to Cuba from wherever you want and meet your friends. Again that’s what I did 🙂 My friend basted in Sweden decided to go with me . I was flying from Lisbon and we meet in beautiful Havana before joining the tour. 10408542_10205987180941795_871570603729007536_nP1000208Rancho Luna (2)DSC0787410959352_10205987178421732_2626153190739313195_n