About me

So how did it all start…

I was born in southern Poland 🇵🇱 on 13.08.1986, the same day that Fidel Castro was born 60 years earlier. Travelling was my thing so when I turned 22, I moved to sunny Lisbon for studies. I spent 8 beautiful years in Portugal 🇵🇹 studying, working at  great Goodmorning Hostel, travelling, making new friendships and enjoying life.

I sincerely thought I would never move out from Portugal until in 2014 I went traveling again and fell in love with Cuba 🇨🇺 and…a Cuban called Fidel (not Castro). After some time we decided that the long distance relationship is not for us so I should move to Cuba. And that´s what I did. We lived in Cuba for 6 months in beautiful Viñales and we start to build a house which in future will be our own B&B I always dreamed of. We got married 💍, we adopted a dog called Apululu 🐶 and decided to go to Poland for some time.

Now we’re in Kraków working and counting days until November when we’ll be going to Cuba again 🙂

If you are planning a trip to Cuba and need tips or just wanna meet for a “trago” 🍹 of Cuban rum when in Viñales let us know. We´ll be around 🙂 🎇 12239549_10208071291403254_6926136383885777485_n13332948_1054988627927413_8521019470927727776_nimg_20151112_232053unnamed