🇬🇧 Marrying a Foreigner? A piece of cake. An expensive one.

Just came back from Warsaw

Today I went to visit our beautiful capital to take care of all the documents I need to get the family visa and then to marry Fidel. Below I leave you all the steps you have to take if you plan to marry a foreigner abroad.

1 ) First I had to ask for all the certificates. I waited for a day for each one. A piece of cake I thought.

a- Birth certificate – 22PLN*

b- Civil status certificate – 38PLN*

c) Criminal record – 30PLN*

2 ) Then I had to find an official translator and I did, very close to my place and it took him 3 days to translate all the documents.  He charged me 60PLN* for each document (plus taxes). Another piece of cake I thought.

3 ) Today I went to the Cuban Embassy with a friend to legalize all the papers.  The lady working there sent me back to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to legalize everything there first. Another taxi ride, another 26PLN* per page  (together 156PLN*).

4 ) Running we came back to the Embassy because they’re working from…9am to 12pm. I was so happy we made it and I could finally legalize all the certificates and get it over with until the lady asked for 110EUR…per page. And there are 6 pages. So I paid another 660EUR just to get a stamp on each page that the translation is correct. Not a piece of cake anymore…

All together to get the 3 documents ready to go I had to pay almost 800EUR. For a second husband I’m taking a Polish guy…

* These are prices in Polish Złoty charged by Polish authorities, the prices may vary from country to country.


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