🇬🇧 Things that changed since I moved to Cuba

It´s been 2 weeks since I moved to Viñales. Not a long time, I know. It still feels like a holiday sometimes. But living with Cubans instead of being locked in a hotel has already given me some lessons. This is how my life has already changed in past two weeks.

1. I’m not vegetarian anymore. Yes I used be one. Kind of. I dumped meat when I as 16. In Portugal I started to eat some seafood and fish thanks to a friend whose food is to die for. But meat…I never thought I would eat it again. But then again, I move to Cuba. And since the food is quite limited here and expensive for locals, when there is meat on the table you shut up and eat it and you’re glad there’s protein on the table.

2. I’ve learned that privacy is a luxury not a human right. Cubans almost never knock the door, appear in most incovenient moments, at all times of the day and you just have to get use to that. They come into the house, comment everything you do. Obviously if you don’t do it the Cuban way, the only right one 😉 they will correct you straigt away. In your own house.
3. I’ve learned to coexist with all the small criatures. Living in a countryside means I have to share my room, my shower, my bed and all I have with bugs, frogs and lizards. They are small, I’m not really afraid of them but sometimes when they jump out of nowhere they scare shit out of me.

4. Being Yuma means you can’t get anything arranged. I mean you can…for double price. If you to the “normal shops” where you’ll find all the prices displayed then no worries. But if you need to get something out of the store if you’re too white, you’re screwed. Every time we want to buy something, and the list is long since we don’t have anything yet, I have to wait around the corner so people who sell stuff don’t see Fidel with a Yuma.

Because here if you have a foreigner girlfriend also means you have money and it makes the prices go really high.


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