🇬🇧 My Big Laud Cuban Family

Coming from Polish family to a Cuban one, meanwhile having a great single life in Lisbon was a shock.

It still is. I remember my parents talking about comunist Poland and remembering how everybody was different, how people cared about each other, how they didn’t close the door because there were people stopping by couple of times a day. And I did experience some of that living in a small town but seriously nothing like here in Viñales.
Fidel has such a big family that I still don’t remember all the names. Because seriously how many uncles can one person have?? People say hello to me on the street and I’m always like “Who the hell are you and how do you know me??” And then it comes to me, here the uncle or a doughter of sister of Fidel’s mum…Seriously?
The families here are so big and houses so small that is normal that 3-4 people sleep in one room. We are renting a house just for us which is not normal here in Cuba. I think they let us because I’m Yuma (cuban way to call foreigners) and Yumas have different expectations. To see how I live read my previous post.

The houses are really always open. People just show up all the time to chat, to eat, to drink some Havana Club. First I was bit shy going inside unannounced. Now I’m getting use to it. Also I’m getting use to the fact anytime somebody can appear in my place. Especially when I’m alone. It’s so cute that Fidel’s family is worried when he’s working and I don’t go out for some time. They come to see what am I doing, invite me for meals or just keep me company. I can’t do any kind of job while on family visa so I really don’t have much to do. I can’t even be online all the time to talk to you guys 😉

The families beside of being big have a lot of kids. Since day one they call me tia Magda (aunt Magda) and we get along quite well. If I understand what the little Cubans have to say of course 🙂 Because Cuban Spanish…oh it’s a subject for a separate post.


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