🇬🇧 How to prepare yourself for travelling in Cuba

Going to Cuba? Awesome. It’s my favorite place in the world 🙂 As a lot of people go to Cuba with high expectations and low budget, they come back disappointed. This is how you can avoid this and enjoy your time on the beautiful Island.

It’s the 3rd world country you’re about to visit. 4 star hotel will have 4 stars indeed, 4… Cuban stars. Be prepared that there will be places with no hot water or water in WC (and the lady will go in the toilet after you go out with a bucket and flash it for you). All this may happen.

Cuba is expensive. Both for tourists and for locals. And because it’s a communist country the choice of product is really poor and sometimes you just can’t get things. If you can’t get things, the restaurant can’t get them either. Don’t be fussy because the salad you’ve just ordered has only tomatoes or cucumbers. This is not the place to have great meals. In Cuba you eat to not be hungry.

I remember being in a Italian restaurants where one lady started to complain about this and that. The waitress came to her table and said “Miss, this is an Italian restaurant in Cuba. We do our best.”

20160508_201422612Get disconnected. Internet in Cuba is expensive, slow and available in only few places in each town. To get the Internet card first you have to stay in line for some time. I think it’s not worth it 🙂 Enjoy your holidays, you can post your photos on Facebook when you get back home.

20160501_153136You’re going to a tropical country. Be prepared. For bugs. For humidity. For tropical rains. For storms every day. For the extreme heat. For frogs when it’s raining…


Cuba is a communist country and people will not talk to you about the politics. Unfortunately. Don’t ask them to do it. For saying things against the system you go to jail and you have no idea who is the spy there. It can be an older lady or your neighbor  or a friend. So people do talk but quietly, at home. If your curious about this stuff there are plenty of good books about it out there.

But in general prepare for good fun, a lot of rum, a lot of salsa and the sights because Cuba may be old but still has it.


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