🇬🇧 Few things we miss about Cuba. And few we don’t.

It’s been 6 months since we’ve to Poland. And we both miss Viñales every day. After 6 months Fidel finally got the permission to stay in Poland and I’ve just started a new job. All going well. But there are some things about Cuba we miss like crazy and can’t wait until the house is finished so we can move back to Cuba.

1.APULULU. Oh man, I wish I could have her with me. She’s doing quite well eating everyone’s socks…


2.All the creatures you could find in the house. It was quite an adventure. But I can’t say I miss those little guys.


3. People. I don’t know what the Cuban have but even if they don’t have a peso they still would be optimistic and friendly. And if they have the last piece of bread and you’re hungry they’ll share it with you. And they are fun. I miss leaving the house and always have somebody to talk to. Here we live in a block and don’t know our neighbors. Sad.


4. Cuban Party. I just love going out in Cuba. Because they go out to have fun, to dance, to meet friends. Not to get drunk like most of Europeans do. And they play music that you can actually dance to. It’s awesome. Fortunately we found an amazing Cuban bar in Kraków and we visit quite a lot.


5. What we definitely don’t miss? The system. The lines. The prices in the supermarkets. The double currency. 20160627_114144

6. Food. I never though I would say that but I do miss the food. Fidel is cooking rice and beans at least twice a week. The only difference here is that we don’t have to worry we’ll find shops with empty shelves.


And where are we now? In Kraków, having this view everyday. I must say, we’re lucky 🙂 Wherever we live, we have these beautiful sunsets to make us company.



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