🇬🇧 Getting married with Cuban citizen

I have already written about my small Cuban wedding a year ago. But since there are so many girls who are thinking about getting married I gather all the information in one place to make it easier.


If you plan to get married in Cuba as foreigner you have to present:

  • Vc

*The Ministry of Foreigner Affairs has to legalize it first though. In Poland this costed me 26 PLN per page (around 6 EUR).

Cubans have to present:

  • Birth certification
  • Single status certificate or divorce certificate or if you are widow/widower a death certificate.
  • Valid ID


  • As we are foreigner we can´t get married in the City Hall. We have to do it in the Consultoría Juridica Internacional. There is one in each province. We had to travel from Viñales to Pinar del Río since Viñales doesn´t have one. It´s a kind of lawyer who is authorized to deal with foreigners.
  • It costs 625 CUC to get married, plus 75 CUC if there´s short notice and 75 CUC if you decide to get married somewhere else and the officer has to travel.  There´s also a fee of 100 CUP.
  • The document will arrive already stamped by MINREX ( Cuban Ministry of Foreigner Affairs), however you still have to take it to the embassy of your country in Havana to legalize it to make it valid in your country. My embassy charges 30 EUR per page.
  • After arriving in your country you have to translate the document from Spanish and present it in Register Office in your country.



That´s quite similar however for Cubans, different documents will be required.

Cubans have to present:

  • Birth certification. They need to specify it´s the one they need for abroad. It is more expensive then the one used in Cuba however that´s the one he/she will be authorized to use abroad. *
  • Single status certificate or divorce certificate or if you are widow/widower a marriage and death certificate. *
  • Legal capacity (Esp. Certificació de Capacidad Legal) *
  • Passport and a valid Visa

*All these documents must be legalize by MINREX. Local Consultoría Juridica Internacional will do it you as I’m really not sure if you can actually enter the Ministry. It costs 15 CUC per page and takes up to 15 days to get it back. But it’s quite helpful for those who who do not live in Havana. Map of the offices of the Consultoría Juridica Internacional below. Untitled

*To use it abroad you or your partner will have to legalize these documents in the embassy of your country. The costs are very different from country to country. Polish embassy charges 30 EUR per page as I mentioned before.

*All the document you will have to translate to the local language.

You have to present:

  • Birth certification
  • Single status certificate or divorce certificate or if you are widow/widower a marriage and death certificate.
  • Valid ID

In both cases you will not avoid crazy costs and running from between Register Offices, Embassies ans more. However in some cases it´s just easier to get married in Cuba to be able to take your partner back to your country.

I got married last year and even if I have researched the fees online, some prices might have change a bit. Still hope you´ll find it useful 🙂

If you can please share the fees of your countries. Let’s make this even more helpful for future Cuban lovers 🇨🇺 💕 💕 💕💕 😊

15 thoughts on “🇬🇧 Getting married with Cuban citizen

  1. Really useful to know. I had to go through this too!
    I wanted to ask how long your marriage certificate took to arrive. We were told we would receive a phonecall to come and collect in 60 working days ….. we are still waiting.
    Did they send yours to the Cuban address or did you need to collect it?


    1. Hello 🙂 they told us 20 days but it took over a month. We were calling the consultoría every day and Fidel’s mum went there personally and threated the lady…we also had to collect it ourselves. No one called us or informed about anything. It’s a joke after all that money you have to pay…


  2. Hi,

    I’m from Los Angeles, CA. If you click on the link and scroll down to agencies you will find agencies that have contracts with the Cuban Consulate within the U.S. They will tell you which documents you need to have for marriage in Cuba and will legalize, translate, and notarize as well as send those documents to the consulate. The consulate will then return those documents after they stamp them to the agency. Once those documents are received, the U.S. Citizen can take them to Cuba and get married within 6 months.



  3. Hello!

    Thank you so much for posting this! I am Cuban-American (my father is from Havana and came to the States in the 80s). I’ve gone back to the island back and forth and on one special trip in December 2016 I met my now fiancé. We are looking to get married in the Spring of 2018 in Cuba.

    We met with the lawyer with and she says I have all the documents I need. My only concern in the US vs. Cuba relationship and now there are problems with the embassy here and there I’m hopeful everything will work itself out in my favor.


      1. Hey Nora, sorry for the late answer but I wanted to check everything to make sure my info is right. If you live in UK you have to get married first in Cuba. Then you will be able to apply for EEA family permit. It is issued for mx 6 months. Before it expires you will have to apply for Residence Card. The EEA family permit application is free but you have to prove your relationship. My friend who is in the same situtation as you said they had 500 pages with photos, emails, screenshots of messages etc. You do it all in the embassy of UK in Havana. Before you apply make sure you translate your marriage certification in ESTA and legalize it in UK embassy. More info you’ll find here: I hope it’s helpful 🙂 Good luck. https://www.gov.uk/family-permit?fbclid=IwAR24HC9yluJwwe2WcsJsUAsY92qgSbuB0_WyaHSC42_mn0oL0KXuOKkVDag


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