🇬🇧 Cuban mentality for beginners

There´s something special about Cubans I must say. Special and not easy to deal with…their mentality. I think this is the result of all the communism stuff mixed with hot climate and latin temperament. After travelling to Cuba for 5 years and actively living with Cubans for 3, I decided to share some thoughts with you.

I saw this post online was who was trying to answer the question, who are the Cubans. And it said something like that:

¡No se les ocurra discutir con ellos jamás! Los cubanos nacen con sabiduría. No necesitan leer, ¡todo lo saben! No necesitan viajar, ¡todo lo han visto! Son algo así como el pueblo escogido… por ellos mismos. 

ENG ( Don´t think about discussing with them. Cubans are born wise. They don´t need to read because they know it all. They don´t need to travel, they´ve seen it all. They are some sort of chosen people…chosen by themselves.)

I think this is the most accurate thing I have ever read 😀 I mean, don´t you never discuss some simple stuff and you´re sure you´re right but your love will just never admit it? Because they will never admit they were wrong, never. They will never tell you they don´t agree with you. They will tell you – you are wrong! And often they will even laugh at you. That makes me crazy sometimes.

The veggies are expensive and you have a yard? Well in this case, you should….do nothing and complain how expensive everything is. I remember when I wanted to  do a small garden and they were all laughing at me that…I put the seeds the wrong way. We did it in the end because Fidel is helping me a lot but I have friends who had the same idea and hit the “nothing can be done here” wall.

Cubans have time for everything. And even if I envy this freedom sometimes, it does drive my nuts. I remember asking Fidel for days to wake up early and get his passport done. Every day, there would be a different excuse. One day it was raining. The other day he was just tired. The third day he had something more important to do. Classic.

The other thing you should know about Cubans is that they are…jealous and insecure when it comes to your friends. In Cuba woman don’t go out that much when they are in relationship. They rather stay at home, take care of the house and drink coffee with close neighbours and relatives. They don’t go out to have a ladies night. That’s why Cuban are so worried if you do it. And it doesn’t matter if you live together or still far away from each other. Cubano will think that on a night out you will meet someone and leave him. They don’t understand we need to see other people and have our friends. They think they should be enough for you. Can they go out with other guys to have some fun? Of course they can. Another Cuban classic. And what’s funny, if you ask about it they will be ofended that you don’t trust them. 😂😂😂

I must say I got use to this already but sometimes this Cuban stubbornness isn´t easy.

I remember my friend getting crazy with her boyfriend (Cuban) when she was trying to prepare him for looking for job here in Poland. He thought he could get any job. Like easily. He was a amatour basketball player with basic knowledge of English. She was realistic and didn´t want him to embarass himself on the interviews. All she was getting was “you don´t want me to work”, “you have so bad attitude” etc. They are not together anymore.  The funny thing is that he really thought she was the bad one here, even if all she was doing was for him.

Do you have similar experience? Do Cubans drive you crazy sometimes?


One thought on “🇬🇧 Cuban mentality for beginners

  1. They know it all and seen it all yet your born in the USA, they have twisted ways of thinking about what is the best for you yet they stab you in the back if you try to defend yourself..What happens in the dark will come out to the light no one can mock Jeh God..


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