🇬🇧 The mind set of the Cuban man

Will this post be full of stereotypes? Yes

Is this unfair to some Cubans? Yes

Are all the Cuban men the same? No

But if you live with Cuban man, probably you can rely to  some things. And after few years of observation I can definitely confirm that there is something like “Cuban state of mind”.

” I can do anything” thing. 

You all know it right? If you are dating a Cuban and thinking of taking him home you must have heard this one. Cubans think that, they are some sort of chosen nation.

They think that once they get to your country they can do anything. Like anything. He has a driving license? He will be a bus driver for sure. He finished 12th grade? He can work in any company. He is 50? For sure the companies will fight for him. He doesn´t speak your language?  He is not that good dancer? No problem he will just go to any school or company and say “hermano, yo soy Cubano” and will be sorted, he says. Since getting job in Cuba is quite easy they don´t even think about recruitment processes here. And when you try to get them to be realistic about that, they get offended and sometimes you even hear you don´t want them to work.


Money is not everything.

And I know it’s not. But Cubans just look at money differently. And when they get here it doesn’t change that much. They keep comparing prices with the Cuban ones – “honey look, it is so cheap”. You will hear that stuff so many times. And usually it’s stuff they don’t really need. They want to spend while you want to save. And I really learned a lot with Cubans and I think I started to enjoy life more but I still keep that credit card away from my husband lol.


“Mami, yo soy Cubano!”

This is explanation to everything. Cubans really think that they have gone though so much and think that everything will be a peace of cake for them. And I know they have hard life and crazy low salaries. I know the life there. However I come from a country with communist past and I was raised few kilometers away from Auschwitz. So when I hear Cubans claiming that concentation camps were nothing comparing to private Castro’s camp I am getting mad. Really mad.

The truth is that even if they feel so special and think that they will be able to do everything abroad, in the end they have problems with simple (for us) stuff like using credit card or opening gmail account. In the end Cuba hasn’t prepared them so well for the life ou there.


New rules in da house

That´s another common one. Cubans tend to compare everything with Cuba. And it applies to basically everything from cooking to education. Cubans will always defend the “Cuban way” of doing things and if you start to argue with them, you´ll hear the famous “¿quién dice eso?”.


The family is everything for Cubans. It really is. And when you’re marrying a Cuban, you’re marrying his whole family. Cubans will often put his family on the first place and will not see anything wrong with that. A lot of Cubans want to leave the island only to be able to send money back home. For us non-Cubans it’s really hard to understand. We help our parents and family but rarely we send any money or that much stuff as they do. I know people who send 100-200$ back to Cuba and invite their parents. And they argue a lot with their SO’s about it. When you’re marrying someone from country like Cuba you have to be ready for that part. And if you’re not think twice if you want to be with that man. More Cubans abroad I know more normal it all becomes. And I want to invite my mother in law to Europe as well. It’s family in the end.


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