šŸ‡¬šŸ‡§ How to move to Cuba

Moving to Cuba. How to make it happen

So if you ever went on an amazing holiday to Cuba and loved how beautiful it was, how musical it was and met the locals probably the thought of moving there crossed your mind. Like it crossed mine.
LetĀ“s be honest. ThereĀ“s no easy way to do it. We are not in Schengen anymore.
But like they say impossible is nothing. Here are few tips how to make your Cuban dream reality.

Marrying a Cuban

The most efficient way to get the Cuban residency is getting married with a Cuban citizen. Almost automatically you will get the permition to stay on the island. ThatĀ“s what weĀ“re doing with Fidel. To get married you will need birth certificate, civil status certificate, criminal record and a copy of your passport. You will need all this documentsĀ translated into Spanish and verified by Cuban ambassy in your country. After arriving you need to go with your fiance to the emigration center in the area and ask for Family Visa (40CUC in stamps) so they allow you to live together ( you canĀ“t live in with Cubans if you enter with Tarjeta de Turista) and then you have up to 6 months to get married Ā and ask for the residency.

Studying in Cuba

If you donĀ“t plan to stay forever in Cuba you can always choose to study here. The Univeristy of Havana offers Spanish courses for foreigners. You can apply and then ask for student visa in Cuban Ambassy of your country.
Four month course costs around 960CUC (about 850 EUR)
Six month course costs around 1392 CUC (about 1250 EUR)
For long duration courses and more info check thisĀ link.

Working in Cuba for an International Company

The hardest way to get to Cuba is to find the job in a international company that has a head office in Cuba. ItĀ“s not easy becouse there are not that many companies that exist there. Also even if you find one is most probably they would sent abroad somebody who is experienced and work there for longer.
Most of the international companies in Cuba are Spanish.
The big plus? You will get the salary in Euros etc.
Hope it helps you a bit šŸ™‚ And if you have more questions, contact me.

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