🇬🇧 Preparations

So I´m leaving in few weeks…

My time left in Lisbon is running out so quickly and now it´s getting to me…I have so much stuff to prepare, to buy, to organize aaaaaaa.
If I was moving to any other place my life would be so much easier. I could just take one luggage and say “hey if I need something I´ll just buy it in IKEA” but no, no IKEA in Cuba. No IKEA and no other stuff…
So I have 3 big bags to take all my life in. I decided to travel in Business Class to have more bags because Cuba is Cuba right? So even if you decide to go with Economy and buy some extra luggage, when you arrive the Cuban Customs will charge you 20CUC for every kg you brought and it´s not included in your ticket. Even if you have already paid the extra allowance to the airline!
So here I have…3 bags to pack my life.
We´ll be renting a small house with Fidel, close to his mum and the family before we finish building our new house. The house is not furnished so we need basically everything from sheets to lamps, kitchen utensils.
So I have to take it all. And my stuff, and a computer, and some gifts for the family, and 59874223 tampons, and all my personal suff, and more and more and more….
Wish me luck

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