🇬🇧 10 things you may not know about Cuba

Here you´ll find 10 random facts about this beautiful Island.

1) Beef is illegal in Cuba. All the cows belong to the state and for killing one you´d get   25 years in prison.
2) It gets freezing there! Cuba is a Carrabean Country but some days are just so cold!
3) There are 2 currencies in Cuba – CUP (Peso Cubano) and CUC (Peso Convertible).
4) There are two countries in the world that can´t sell Coca Cola legally : North Corea
5) Before JFK signed the embargo he brought from Cuba 1200 cigarrs.
6) The dancers in Cuba earn more than the doctors…
7) Until 2008 Cubans couldn´t mobile phones
8) Christmas is an official holiday only since 1997
9) The national sport is… baseball.
10) Cuba has the lowest HIV cases in all Latin America

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