7 reasons why you should date a Cuban guy

Met a Cuban but still not sure if you should fall for him?

Cubans don’t have really good opinion out there. I must be honest. I didn’t know about it when I went to Cuba for the first time. I do now. Does it change anything? Not really. Like thousands of girls I find Cubans hot and fun.

And this is why:


1) Cubans are great lovers or at least that´s the fame they have…anyway I never heard any girl complaining about this part if you know what I mean 😉 Some of them would even put pearls in their penises to increase the pleasure. Imagine that. Pile_of_pearls_large


2) Cubans are gentlemen. Maybe that´s how they were raised, maybe it´s in their blood but these guys respect women and know how to make you feel like a lady. Go on a date with a Cuban and he will open the door for you, bring you drinks, hold your hand and look at you. Only at you.


3) Cubans are great dancers and we girls love to swing from time to time even if we don´t know how (my case). Cubans know how to move their bodies and don´t think dancing make them less macho. And it really does not 🙂


4) Cubans are hot. Let´s face it, the guys are Latins and their mix of Spanish and African roots make them really attractive.


5) Cubans are happy. Life in Cuba ain´t easy so Cuban guys don´t waste their time to worry about small things. If world would end tomorrow tonight they would dance, drink rum, laugh and enjoy the last minutes. Can´t imagine better company for life.


6) Cubans have pleasure in…giving pleasure. And it doesn´t matter if it´s in bed, kitchen or dance floor. They´re happy if the girl is happy.


7) Cubans are fun. They just love to joke, dance and “joder”. That’s quite refreshing if your last relationship was a serious one.


7 thoughts on “7 reasons why you should date a Cuban guy

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  2. Cuban are good at love. But this is about it. Most likely they will see you as “yuma”. They will take advantage of you without even you realizing it until it is too late. Enjoy the relationship with them, but if they talk marriage it is because they want to use you to get out Cuba. Most of them will be sleeping with one or multiple women while having a long-distance relationship with you and you will not even know – they are amazing liars. Basically, the rule of thumb is: keep your angels in paradise. DO NOT TAKE THEM OUT OF CUBA!


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