šŸ‡¬šŸ‡§ My 3 favorite movies about Havana

1 ) Habana Blues

I could watch this movie again and again. And then maybe…again. Ā Habana Blues is a story of two friends and musicians Ruy and Toro. They get discovered by a Spanish record company and have a chance of leaving the island if only they change the lyrics and music to gain more audience. The movie is full of good Cuban music, old Havana and Cubans dealing with Cuban socialism and theirĀ families leaving for USA.


2) Strawberries and Chocolate

Havana, late 70Ā“s. David, an average Cuban guy with Che Guevara photos at home meets Diego, a gay artist unhappy with the political situation in Cuba. Both come from two different worlds and somehow end up as best friends. This a beatiful movie about friendship with Ā embematic sights such as La Guarida or Coppelia in the background.


3) 7 days in Havana

7 days. 7 stories. 7 directors. ThereĀ“s a tourist experiencing a night in Havana. ThereĀ“s a drunk director. ThereĀ“s a youngĀ singerĀ tempted by her agent. ThereĀ“s a lady working two jobs in order to feed her family. ThereĀ“s an old lady whoĀ claim to be visited by a godess Oshun. Ā ThereĀ“s a young lesbian and thereĀ“s and guy wandering the streets of Havana. All these stories in one movie, in one city. Locals and tourists. This movie Ā  Ā doesnĀ“t come close to the similar ones like “New York, I love you”, but Havana ainĀ“t New York šŸ˜‰


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