🇬🇧 My Cuban House

We have just moved in

Until the new house is ready we are renting a small wooden country house close to     Fidel´s  mum. The rent is payable and we still can be very close to the center of Viñales.
Cuban houses are small and pretty basic. I brought some stuff from IKEA like sheets, blankets etc but still there´s so many things we have to buy.

The bedroom. This is the only room that feels like home so far. There was a bed and an open closet so it looks more less good.


The bathroom. First of all there is one which is not obvious in Cuba so I´m more than happy.
It´s small but we have a shower. For now with cold water only but we´re working on it 🙂 This weird construction is shower. The most important thing is that it does work. The bathroom door was…there was no bathroom door so (as I´m Polish lol) I hanged one of the blankets I brought. You can still hear things but better than nothing.


This messy counter is the kitchen or will be a kitchen cause for now we have no fridge, no stove, no anything. So for now we cook and eat with Fidel´s mum – Teresa.


And this is kind of living room, we have no furniture but there´s Fidel´s percussion. At least something to fill  in the space.


As the house is made of wood, there are cables and wires hanging everywhere. Electricity a lo cubano.

The best part I think is the view from the backyard. I can´t wait when all the house will be finished and I will
be able to have a morning coffee in there 🙂


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