🇬🇧 Cuban Lifestyle

I thought I lived in a latin country while living in Portugal.

I was so wrong 😉 When living in Lisbon I thought I was living in a laid back country. Portuguese are almost never  on time and take life less seriously than Polish people for example. And then I moved to Cuba…

I mean, I´ve been here before. I knew what I was going into. But still so many things I´ll have to get use to.

There are no schedules in Cuba. I mean there are some but still not working. I took us 3 days to get me the family visa because the Immigration Office was always close even if it should´t be.

The buses run when they want to. Only the tourist company that transports the foreigners runs on time. The rest? It will come when it comes. So you sit and wait. And it does come sooner or later. Usually later.

The lines…well it’s a thing in communist countries. The only bad thing is that in Cuba they let only some people in, so if you wait to get into the bank let’s say, you have to wait outside in the heat for hours. The good thing is that the Cubans  do respect lines. When you get into the place you need you just have to ask for el último (the last one) and pay attention to the line.

Cubans do everything but seriously everything on the street. From selling and buying goods, paiting things, doing manicure, doing haircuts, getting jobs, chatting, using Internet to party. I seriously hate going out with Fidel when we  want to get something done because he literally stops every 2 minutes to talk to somebody. And this town has like 7.000 of people. Imagine Havana? I don’t 🙂

This town even so small is so vibrant that it feels like an average big city. There are people everywhere since 6 am to 2 am the next day. I do love it but sometimes I wish that the walk home from the center that takes 10 minutes…took 10 minutes 🙂


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