🇬🇧 Welcome to the family Apululu

Few days ago after another salsa party we found this little thing on the street.

Viñales like all Cuba is full of abandoned dogs. I really feel sorry for them. Usually they run around bars and restaurants waiting for some good soul throwing them a piece of food. The dogs really look miserable here. Even those with homes. Because with the little food here the priority are humans. The animals have to fight for themselves. But I think…where there are two people eating, there´s always a place for a third one.

So on Wednesday night when we were walking back home and this skinny little thing stood on our way (and I have drunken “un trago” or two…or maybe three) I was determined to keep her. She was so hungry and tired that she totally surrender without trying to escape or anything. Fidel loves dogs so he was more than happy about keeping her. He named her Apululu 🙂

We gave her some food, a long bath and Fidel´s old t-shirt to sleep in and here she is. It´s been only a few days and she´s already a part of the family, following our every step. One thing I learned last week is that no one will love you more than an adoptive pet.

So welcome home Apululu, we hope you´ll be happy here 😉



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