šŸ‡¬šŸ‡§ ItĀ“s a hurricane time!

On the June 1st the hurricane season officially began.

IĀ“m not really excited about this new season in Cuba. In 2008 when Katrina passed by on its way to USA FidelĀ“s home as homes of thousands of Cubans got totally destroyed and the family had to move in to a smaller wooden house.

Two days ago a cyclone (which is too weak to be called hurricane) visited ViƱales and I must say I freaked out a bit. Everything was flying and I was sure we would end up without the roof. Fidel was loughing and saying it was nothing. ThatĀ“s why I freaked out. If that was nothing how does a real hurricane look like? I really donĀ“t want to know.

They say in The News that we should expect from 10 to 20 hurricanes in different categories this year and I really donĀ“t look forward to it. If the real hurricane comes we have to pack our staff and move to a house that can survive a storm because our house sincerely canĀ“t. ItĀ“s not even a matter of the strong winds. The problem is all the stuff than can fall down the roof. I really hope it will be a calm season.

How does it look like now? ItĀ“s been raining for 4 days now. In 4 days I went out once-today. To post this and buy some food. I canĀ“t help and think about all the people who decided to visit the valley now and are locked in their Casas Particulares now šŸ˜¦


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