🇬🇧 Cuban Spanish

All the people who speaks Spanish come to Cuba with the ‘I’ll be fine” feeling. And then Cubans open their mouth, and you’re like “What the hell are you talking to me?!” . I’m not fair, they do make an effort when they speak to you but between Cubans…it’s just a different story.

Cuba was one of the first countries to receive slaves from Africa who worked here on coffee or sugare cane plantations. From Africa they brought their lenguage, beliefs and gods. Spanish and African cultures got mixed and coexisted for centuries creating a new- Afro Cuban mix which can be seen until today in culture, religion and yes, the lenguage as well.

How Spanish here is different from the original one? Cubans “forget” to pronunce all words, especially the end of it. They speak increibly fast and the vocabulary if full of words I have no idea where did they come from. Below you’ll find a small vocabulary for the curious ones travelling to Cuba.



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