🇬🇧 Let´s build a house

So we’re building a house.

Building in Cuba is easier and harder at the same time as in Europe. Harder because of money. Cubans have ridiculously low salaries so it’s really hard for a family to build a house.
Why it’s easier? Houses here are really simple. Once you have all the walls and roof you can basically move in. No architect is involve in the process. I’m not even sure if there’s any contruction law here…Little wooden houses grow in couple of days and other disappear equally fast. Cuba.

Water is kept in tanks on the roof so building a bathroom takes days not weeks. As long as you have all the materials of course. And that’s the biggest problem. Sometimes you have money to buy something but this something is nowhere to be found. Cuba.

Our new house will have a part for the family and a part for rent. We’re planning to open a Casa Particular here with two rooms with this view. Can’t wait. There’s still so much to do but we’re optimistic.


And why things go quite slow with our house? Well maybe because every working day starts like this…with a brand new bottle of Rum 🙂


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