🇬🇧 6 weird Cuban things

Moving to another country always means facing new customs, habits and superstitions. Here are the ones I found the most funny or interesting.

1. First shot of newly open bottle of ron is drunk by…the gods and the saints. Afro-Cuban gods like to party so the first shots are for them. What does it mean in practice? Pouring out a bit of rum to the floor. What a waste…

2. A man who baths or has sex less than one hour after having a meal will end up…dead. Yes, the Cuban men have to rest after having a plate full of rice and beans. Woman can do wherever they want anytime. Women’s methabolism apparently works better…

3. On Mother’s Day everybody were felicitating …everybody. In my country if your mum lives you call her to say “Happy Mother’s Day” and that’s it. Maybe you go to visit her with a gift. Here in all Viñales you could have heard “felicidades” given to all woman, even to me all day long…”I’m not anybody’s mother” – I protested. ” But one day you may be” – I heard. What the hell?

4. You can’t use hot thing and cold thing afterwards. I was stoped when came back from running and tried to open the fridge to get some water. I was told that if I do it I’ll…die of course. I tried to explain to Cubans the idea of sauna for example but they didn’t seem convinced.

5. Cuban plates are huge. But seriosuly huge and they eat all mixed together. Rice, beans, meat and on top of it goes the salad and maybe a banana?! I can´t even look at this ridiculous mountain of food.

6. After shopping in a supermarket (and they let in only few people at the time) you have to show your receipt and the bag with the stuff you bought. As it was posible to steal something from the shop while being watched by 1945782 employees.

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