🇬🇧 Another few weird Cuban things

Yes, you may think I’m repeating myself. Few months ago I wrote a post about 6 weird Cuban things. 

But the time is flying and every time I know more about Cubans. And they don’t stop to surprise me. So what weird did I find out?

1. Some Cubans put pearls in their….penises. Yes. I did the same face when I found out. They think that the pearl stimulates better their partner and makes them a better lover. Well, I never heard about any girl complaining about sex life with a Cuban. And I personally don’t know any Cuban who have one of these done (at least I think so!) but if you’re curious about it check her the full article >

2. The Cuban Nail! Most of the male Cubans have the multi tasking Cuban nail. Simply they let the nail on the small finger grow a bit. They use it for everything…to clean their ears, to open the mobile phone, to do all the stuff we girls are use to do with our nails. Nasty or simply genius? Still not sure…                                                                           20170312_172755-13. The national sport is “Peleas de gallos” – cockfight in English. The chickens taking parts in those are really expensive and…weird. One of the chicken will always die in the end especially. Sometimes they both die because of the injuries. Just look at the plastic stuff they put on their claws.


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