🇬🇧 What’s new in Viñales

We left beautiful Viñales 5 months ago and we´re both crazy to go back. I like Poland, I really do but:

  1. It´s freeking cold
  2. Rum is too expensive here
  3. We miss Apululu

We decided to go to Poland for sometime because getting the house finished took much more time and effort that we expected. To get the materials need for the construction is almost impossible and as a foreigner I couldn´t work there.

After 4 months we´re still waiting for the residence permit for Fidel so he doesn´t have to apply for visa every time we want to visit the family. I had no idea this could take so long and involving interviews to check if we´re really married (questions like: what color have you kitchen walls or do you have a window in the bathroom, yes really).

So it´s been 5 months since we´re gone and some things have changed in Cuba as well. Apululu has grown so much!! She´s living with Fidels´s mum right now but looks pretty happy 🙂


The other thing growing is ….yes the house. Finally Fidel´s brother managed to buy some more materials and things are going well. We really hope we can send some money soon and finish the project. I can´t wait to have this view in front of me everyday when I wake up 🙂 The house will have 2 rooms for rent (for now), room for us and Fidel´s mum. Oh, I have so many projects for this place!


When we´ll be going back? If any opportunity comes along, we´ll be boarding the first plane going to Havana 😉

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