🇬🇧 Life (almost) whitout Internet

For the last 2 months I´ve been living Internet and Facebook free life.

OK, I have to be honest. It´s an almost Internet and Facebook free life. You´re reading this so it means I posted it somehow. True. But I don´t have access to Internet every day, sometimes not even every week. How does it work here in Cuba?

Well first of all you have to be lucky enough to life in a place with Wi-Fi point. Viñales has 5 of them. 3 in the hotels (too far away from our home) and 2 in the town. There is one on the main square and on in front of bar/shop Cubanitas. Both are on open air which is so annoying because when it´s hot and sunny you´re sweating and see nothing on your screen. When it´s raining (and it´s hurricane season now) no way to go online.

Ok, so we have two Wi-Fi points. Yuhu! But Internet is not free here. It´s actually quite expensive. An hour of Internet costs 2 EUR. You may think it´s not that much. But for how many hours are you online per month? Not that cheap anymore right?

There´s only one place in Viñales that sells Internet cards like this – ETECSA office. ETECSA is the only telecommunication company in Cuba. So in their office people buy phones, pay bills, arrange stuff, buy Internet cards. The lines at the door are usually long. And it takes forever to buy a card because they will ask you for the passport and write down all the number of the cards you bought. Eh Cuba.


Writing a blog from Cuba is rather a challenging task. I write at home, in the parks, in the bars posts for a week or two, go online and schedule everything. No time for Facebook anymore. The only thing I miss? Google 🙂

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