🇬🇧 It´s been 2 months

It´s been 2 months since I arrived. How my life looks like after 60 days?

1)I have a fridge which…still doesn´t freeze. Cuba.

2) After 2 month I sill don´t have a table. Cuba.


3) I´m married now.

4) My body is in constant pain due to santanillas (small insects bit similar to ants). Once they bit my tongue. No talking for 2 days.

5) Fidel and Apululu are more than fine and planning a trip to Poland.


6) I went to the beach. Once.

7) I still don´t know how to salsa…

8) I have a friend now who is not a) Fidel´s family b) Fidels´s friend c) Cuban

And I have a family visa for another month. Let´s see what it will bring.

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