🇬🇧 Cayo Jutías

Cayo Jutías is another Cuban paradise.

It was my first time at the beach since I got here 2 months ago. Sometimes it´s hard to believe I live on the island…seriously.

Cayo Jutías is located only 60 km northwest from Viñales but but is not easy to reach. There´s no public transport going there. So or you go by car or …you don´t go. The taxi from Viñales costs around 50 EUR (return trip) so not cheap for Cubans.

We were lucky to find a group of US students heading there with half of their bus empty so they invited all the family to go with them.

The beach is beautiful like all the Cuban beaches 😉 I thought it would be less crowded since it´s not easy to get there and there´s no hotel or other accommodation around but I was wrong. The beach was full of people, tourists and Cubans. But even full there was always a place to sit, to eat something. There are two bars at the beach open from 9 am to 5pm.

If you´re in Cuba and you´re not on budget Cayo Jutías is a place to spend a day, definitely. To convince you here are some photos 😉


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