🇬🇧 My Small Unexpected Cuban Wedding

Me and Fidel got married some days ago. I was so not prepared for this. As everything in this country it happened…a lo Cubano.

One day we just went to see the lawyer to see what do we need (I´m a foreigner o everything costs more than average and usually takes longer than average). He looked at my papers, called to another office and told us: tomorrow morning at 8 am.
I was in shock all day. But maybe it´s better it happened this way. I didn´t have time to think 😉

We had only one afternoon to get 2 witnesses, think what to wear and get the transport to Pinar del Río, the city we had to go.

I´m a foreigner which means we couldn´t get married in the City Hall. We had to go to the lawyer with the right to marry foreigners. This costed me 840EUR. If I was Cuban we would have paid…2EUR. And of course they told us to show up at 8am but we had to wait untill 3pm to be attended. Normal. Cuba.

The wedding itself had nothing wedding like, we didn´t exchange the rings, we didn´t say any vows. The lady read the marriage certification and ask if we want to get married. That´s it. The office we sign the papers in didn´t have a window, was small and I felt more like it was an interrogation rather than a wedding 😉

After arriving home we bought some bottles of rum, invited some neighbours and family but nothing big. Maybe it´s not traditional way to get married but seriously..do you imagine me wearing a veil?! I though so 🙂


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