🇬🇧 Things I´ve learned from Cubans

Living in Cuba with Fidel it´s been a learning process. Cubans are so open and easy going that in no time I´ve became a part of the family. There are so many things that still annoys me but I have definitely learn some things one day I take with me to Europe. And here it … Continue reading 🇬🇧 Things I´ve learned from Cubans

🇬🇧 It´s been 3 months

Time flies and just like that it´s been 3 months since I´ve been here. Here are the news: 1) Cubans don´t want to give me the pernament residency even after being married to a Cuban citizen... 2) I´ve survived my first flood after a tropical rain. 3) After a mango season and eating mango, mango … Continue reading 🇬🇧 It´s been 3 months