🇬🇧 Things I´ve learned from Cubans

Living in Cuba with Fidel it´s been a learning process. Cubans are so open and easy going that in no time I´ve became a part of the family. There are so many things that still annoys me but I have definitely learn some things one day I take with me to Europe. And here it is:

1) First of all I´ve learned that if you have last 10 CUC in your pocket and no idea what to do the next day, today you should forget it, buy a bottle of rum, go out, dance it out and enjoy the day. And you worry tomorrow.

2) With the time I actually got used to rice and beans an feel strange when there´s something different on the plate. I promised to Fidel that one day when we go to Europe he can cook Cuban food once a week. For the beginning 🙂

3) Salsa. I know, I´m Polish with no sense of rhythm and I still make mistakes but at least I can follow now. Who know what will happen in few years…

4) Patience. Yes. Living in Cuba require more patience than you think. In everything: shopping, queuing, everything.

5) Living without all the First Worlds´s comforts like 150 channels in TV, unlimited Wi-Fi, normal stove or washing machine and a house which doesn´t get flooded every time it rains…

6) I´ve learned finally how to negotiate prices on the street because there´s always a different price for a Cuban and different one for a Yuma.

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