🇬🇧 It´s been 3 months

Time flies and just like that it´s been 3 months since I´ve been here. Here are the news:

1) Cubans don´t want to give me the pernament residency even after being married to a Cuban citizen…
2) I´ve survived my first flood after a tropical rain.
3) After a mango season and eating mango, mango jam, mango desserts, mango juice I don´t think I´ll be able to look at mango fruit never again.
4) I´ve discovered Cuban wine, nothing like the wine I´m used to but not bad at all.
5) I´ve experienced my very first comunist holiday – 26th of July.
6) I´ve started to miss european supermarket after 2 weeks of looking for …salt.
7) The heat is getting kind of annoying.
8) I´ve got a table now…kind of stolen from Fidel´s mum.
9) I´ll be 30 in two weeks. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Somebody please stop the time. Anybody?!

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