šŸ‡¬šŸ‡§ ItĀ“s been 3 months

Time flies and just like that itĀ“s been 3 months since IĀ“ve been here. Here are the news:

1) Cubans donĀ“t want to give me the pernament residency even after being married to a Cuban citizen…
2) IĀ“ve survived my first flood after a tropical rain.
3) After a mango season and eating mango, mango jam, mango desserts, mango juice I donĀ“t think IĀ“ll be able to look at mango fruit never again.
4) IĀ“ve discovered Cuban wine, nothing like the wine IĀ“m used to but not bad at all.
5) IĀ“ve experienced my very first comunist holiday – 26th of July.
6) IĀ“ve started to miss european supermarket after 2 weeks of looking for …salt.
7) The heat is getting kind of annoying.
8) IĀ“ve got a table now…kind of stolen from FidelĀ“s mum.
9) IĀ“ll be 30 in two weeks. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Somebody please stop the time. Anybody?!

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