šŸ‡¬šŸ‡§ 10 things I hate and 10 things I love about Cuba

Little resume today since itĀ“s been over three months since IĀ“ve moved here. LetĀ“s start with the hate part and finish with some love.

10 things I hate about Cuba:

1) Bureaucratic system which is by the way not efficient. We got married 5 weeks ago and the marriage certification sill havenĀ“t arrived. It will take 15 days they said. Well 15 days passed 25 days ago. Cuba.
2) As a foreigner I have to pay for everything more, for getting into a salsa club, for an ice cream on the street, for getting married, for transport, for everything.
3) All the stoves are electric and everytime thereĀ“s a storm (every day in the summer) the power goes off. Sometimes for hours we canĀ“t even make ourselfs a cup of coffee.
4) Things just donĀ“t happen the way you want them to. 2 months ago we ordered a table, a small one for 40/50 EUR max. After two months weĀ“ve received a dinner table for 6 and the bill for 180EUR. We didnĀ“t paid it of course.
5) Abandoned dogs who are on the street (not agresive at all) are often cought and taken to the ZooĀ“s as dinner for bigger animals.
6) I just hate queuing for everything.
7) The beach is only 60km away and I have to pay 50EUR to get there. 50EUR…
8) Another thing I do not love is…washing clothes. It just takes all day and there is a washing machine in the house!
9) Shopping or letĀ“s call it as it is “food hunting” isnĀ“t my favorite thing as well. Need something? Maybe eggs or coffee or chicken or something more basic like toilet paper? Be prepared to visit the shop twice a day for few days and maybe the thing you need will show up.
10) Weird sovietic architecture in the middle of the Carribeans.

And what do I love Cuba for?

1) People. Always happy, laughing at themselfs and all the situatuion in their country.
2) The sunsets over ViƱales Valley.
3) Salsa. I still donĀ“t know how to dance it but I love to watch the Cubans rocking it.
4) Cuban men.
5) Cristal beer.
6) Ice cream for 1CUP.
7) Cuban music.
8) Guayaba fruit-my new love.
9) MalecĆ³n in La Habana.
10) Old american cars.

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