🇬🇧 10 things I hate and 10 things I love about Cuba

Little resume today since it´s been over three months since I´ve moved here. Let´s start with the hate part and finish with some love.

10 things I hate about Cuba:

1) Bureaucratic system which is by the way not efficient. We got married 5 weeks ago and the marriage certification sill haven´t arrived. It will take 15 days they said. Well 15 days passed 25 days ago. Cuba.
2) As a foreigner I have to pay for everything more, for getting into a salsa club, for an ice cream on the street, for getting married, for transport, for everything.
3) All the stoves are electric and everytime there´s a storm (every day in the summer) the power goes off. Sometimes for hours we can´t even make ourselfs a cup of coffee.
4) Things just don´t happen the way you want them to. 2 months ago we ordered a table, a small one for 40/50 EUR max. After two months we´ve received a dinner table for 6 and the bill for 180EUR. We didn´t paid it of course.
5) Abandoned dogs who are on the street (not agresive at all) are often cought and taken to the Zoo´s as dinner for bigger animals.
6) I just hate queuing for everything.
7) The beach is only 60km away and I have to pay 50EUR to get there. 50EUR…
8) Another thing I do not love is…washing clothes. It just takes all day and there is a washing machine in the house!
9) Shopping or let´s call it as it is “food hunting” isn´t my favorite thing as well. Need something? Maybe eggs or coffee or chicken or something more basic like toilet paper? Be prepared to visit the shop twice a day for few days and maybe the thing you need will show up.
10) Weird sovietic architecture in the middle of the Carribeans.

And what do I love Cuba for?

1) People. Always happy, laughing at themselfs and all the situatuion in their country.
2) The sunsets over Viñales Valley.
3) Salsa. I still don´t know how to dance it but I love to watch the Cubans rocking it.
4) Cuban men.
5) Cristal beer.
6) Ice cream for 1CUP.
7) Cuban music.
8) Guayaba fruit-my new love.
9) Malecón in La Habana.
10) Old american cars.

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