🇬🇧 Cubans

I´ve been living in Cuba for almost three months now. It´s enough to have by now my own opinion on this nation. After living with Cubans, partying with Cubans I came to some conclusions:

1) Cubans know the concept of sharing like nobody else. Seriously, they help each other, they share everything they have even if it´s not much. If you have family or friends in Cuba you´ll never end up hungry or homeless. No chance.

2) Cubans are the most smart people on this planet. They know everything about everything. Even if they didn´t study, have 4 chanells in tv and limited Internet. They just know. About politics, food, sports, medicine, cars, electronics, paper work etc. They just know. They would come back home with small cherry tomatos and claim they just brought you plums. Because they know better than you.

3) Cubans (most of them) have never traveled but they know this world like nobody else and again, they know it better than you who traveled for the last 10 years or more. About visas, planes, food overseas. They got it.

4) Cubans know how to party and that´s a fact. Less money they have more than5) enjoy life. Because if don´t have much and life is so short, at least you can enjoy it.

5) Cubans are masters of surviving. With the low salaries and food so expensive (yesterday I paid 2EUR for 4 small tomatos) there´s always dinner at the table. As they say “the money comes, the money goes away”. How they do it? Sometimes selling stuff, sometimes taking advantage of naive tourists. But in the end of the day the money comes, as they say.

6) Cubans blain Bloqueo (US embargo) for everything. From the lack of coffee in the shops to their low salaries. Just everything.

7) Cubans don´t use much words like “thank you” “please”. The ust go to the shop and say “give me a bottle of water”. That´s it. Big cultural shock here…

What to do if you know Cubans? Love them as they are and join the flow 🙂

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