🇬🇧 Fidel is dead. Not mine fortunately.

It’s been a while since the last post but I just can’t say nothing. After all it’s an end of an era.

Fidel died last night in Cuba. Fidel Castro obviously. We just got news this morning and spent all morning on Facebook watching news and Cubans celebrating around the world. I never though the death of one person would bring so many emotions. The most happy are of course Cuban in the States. They went through a lot trying to find a better life.

Cubans in Cuba? They will not be allowed to feel anything else but sadness. When the best friend of Cuba, Hugo Chavez died, mourning lasted for a whole week. No salsa, no disco, no music in the restaurants. I really feel sorry for people who decided to visit Cuba these days. It’s a historical moment but it just won’t be the same. Cuba will never will be the same.

Maybe the time has come and this time Cubans will get their Cuba Libre.

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