🇬🇧 Schengen visa for a Cuban

I am so used to world of UE and Schengen Zone that I’ve never thought getting a visa to visit a country would be such a problem. As a Polish citizen I can visit 153 countries without visa. Pretty good right? Cubans can go to 34 countries…

When we first though about going to Poland we were already married. We checked all the info the official ambassy web and prepared:

  • flight tickets (return)
  • health insurance
  • marriage certificate
  • Schengen visa application form
  • 1 photo
  • 60EUR in cash

When we got to the ambassy we found out that marriage certificate is not enough since we got married in Cuba, not in Poland and we need an official invitation made by Urząd Wojewódzki… It was August 8th, our flight was departing on Setember 3rd and the invitation in Poland takes up to 30 days. After some magic my family in Poland we received the document in 2 days! Happy we called to the embassy and found out thet yes, they got and yes, we need another thing – a document from the lawyer that confirms if Fidel has any properties or bank accounts in Cuba. Yes, all this for tourist visa so he could finally meet my family. First lawyer didn’t know how to prepare such a thing. Normal. Cuba. The second one knew but wouldn’t do it without some small benefit. Again…Cuba. After all this we had to wait up to 15 days for the decision of the embassy if Fidel can get a visa or now. Becouse sometimes even if you do everything right and legally you still get denied. Sometimes I think it just easier to get into that boat leaving Cuba with your Cuban ID and just cross the Mexican Bay…

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