🇬🇧 Active ways to spend your time in Cuba

There are three types of travelers in my opinion. Those who cherish the culture and want to see as much sights as they can. Those who just want to rest after months of working and chose to spend 2 weeks on the beach. And then those who don’t feel complete if on their free time, they don’t climb on Kilimanjaro or dive with few sharks or something.

Cuba is not the place that offers much of these. Also it’s a place that is prepared for tourism and it’s not prepared at all, at the same time. Cubans have discovers long time ago that tourism it’s a good business. However they still don’t know how to sell properly. Who really makes money out of tourism are public institutions and international travel companies.

That’s why despite Cuba’s beautiful nature, landscapes and coastline, the active attractions on the island are rather limited. However there’re always some options 🙂


Canopy is this new thing in Cuba. even Cubans want to try it. If you’re not afraid of heights you get the chance to see the most beautiful Cuban valleys. Is it worth it? It’s quite a good fun? Is it expensive? It’s between $15 – $25 for more less 400m ride. Great views guaranteed. Canopy is available in Viñales, Las Terrazas and Trinidad. 


Taking your bike to Cuba can be a good and cheap idea to travel around the island. The roads are not overloaded with cars. And in the homestays there’s always a place to keep your bike.  Renting a bike in Cuba may be a problem. Your hosts from the casa may rent it for you for a day or two but if you plan to move around a lot you shouldn’t count with them. Bikes are very expensive in Cuba so if you want to get rid of yours before going home or before continue your journey it’s a good idea to sell it in Cuba.

Also a lot travel companies offer a bike tours. It’s a really good option for those who don’t want to travel with a lot of things and still want to bike around a bit. G Adventures offers a bike tour in Cuba. View the full itinerary>



Cuba is not Peru or Nepal. It’s highest point- Pico Turquino is barely 1974 m high. But still worth to climb. There are campings on the way where you can stay. Also Cuban say, that on clear nights you can see the lights of Jamaica from the top.

But Cuba is full of beautiful National Parks with waterfalls, lagoons, wild birds and tropical vegetation that are more than worth to explore. The only problem may be the weather. It gets really sunny in Cuba. Not all of we are prepared for this humid, tropical climate. 4


Not everyone knows that Cuba is surrounded by colorful coral. In places like Maria La Gorda or Varadero you’ll find a lot of snorkeling options. However there’re some people like our friend Piotr who organizes special diving tours to show you the best of underwater world. His tours include sessions of night diving as well as diving in the cave. View the full itinerary> DSC07874

Horseback riding

Another cool way to see Cuban countryside. There are so many places that can be discovered this way. The horses are usually very quiet so even people with no experience can ride them. Especially recommend to do it in the valleys of Viñales and Trinidad.



Well, you all know Salsa has a special place in my heart. I have danced anything before going to Cuba. I just don’t have the sense of rhythm. I remember not taking Step classes at my gym because I couldn’t follow the choreography 😛 But then I went to Cuba and realized that Salsa wasn’t about doing everything right. Salsa is about having fun, enjoying the moment and being yourself.

So why go to Cuba and not try it? In every little town you will find Salsa teachers who were born dancing. I really recommend to take few salsa classes in Cuba. It’s so much fun really. And once you hit the dance floor you’ll not want to leave 🙂


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